CyGen Redefining Healthcare delivery.

The healthcare IT platform with a focus on predictive and preventive healthcare management.

Our Journey

We are living in a fast-paced era where most of us are suffering from or are very much prone to various lifestyle-related diseases. One major factor contributing to this situation is the busy schedule of today's generation- 24x7 work and no time for themselves…

In addition to this, the present health services are also not able to meet the requirements of the people due to:

  • The poor doctor- patient ratio
  • Lack of basic knowledge of prevalent diseases
  • Poor implementation of public healthcare policies
  • Lack of personalized healthcare
  • Lack of innovating ways to utilize latest technologies in healthcare related solutions

The founders of CyGen have experienced the hardship people dealt with due to these varied factors and poor lifestyle. To address this problem, they embarked on CyGen healthcare journey.

The two of them belong to different background, one from Medical background, a clinical cardiologist with past experiences of being associated with multiple corporate hospitals and the other is an IT consultant with more than 15 years of experience in IT industry, having worked in top global MNCs. They came together to create a storm.

Our motto is to be "A game changer in the Healthcare Industry".

The journey ofCyGen began in 2015 with the collection of market insights and gathering a pool of talented professionals and experts across the world. Before it was decided to set up, we have gone through each and every minute detail which can help in giving individuals a much better and healthier life. And finally, it was incorporated early in 2016 with its initial setup in two countries- India & Malaysia.

CyGen is an independent organization that helps individuals in increasing their knowledge and understanding the opportunities which can minimize healthcare challenges and improve the quality of life. We have come up with an aim of making the world a healthier place where each individual leads a cherished life. We utilize technology and innovation to predict probable issues and build dynamics that can prevent the diseases.

Want to get more detailed information about us or how can our innovative solutions help you? Just download our brochure and get an insight about our healthcare services…

Our Mission

Preventing lifestyle-related diseases by providing predictive analysis and helping each individual to fight the disease before it develops. It will function by gathering consumers health related information and integrating it health parameters and analytic tools to predict the risk score of different diseases. We consider that healthcare is for one and all; therefore our team serves the unique needs of each individual while providing services, support, and solutions to serve our prime motto of healthcare.

Through our patient-centred model blended with dedicated quality services, evidence-based practices, technology and operational efficiency, we are constantly serving patients.

Our Target

At CyGen, our main targets are people aged 25 years or above with high-stress level and predisposition to lifestyle related diseases. CyGen will have its own healthcare provider team who will campaign from door to door, educating families about prevalent lifestyle-related diseases. We have partnered with Key Diagnostic Labs and various other channels which will help us to deliver world class service. For all individuals associated with us, we want to offer a unique opportunity to enhance healthcare values, which is a complete function of quality and cost for us.

Our Goal

Providing application focused, patient-centric, innovative, cutting edge technological solution to healthcare problems.


  • Continuously motivate and Empower individuals to take charge of their own wellbeing.
  • Constantly strive to improve our platform and services to the best interest of our customers
  • Own the responsibility of delivering optimum results with entrepreneurial spirit by maintaining the delight of working in an empowering environment
  • Enhance stakeholder’s interest through value based growth
  • Strengthen our bonds with employees & business partners through fair and equitable dealings as well as timely communication


Dr Tanushree - CEO / Co-Founder

A medical doctor, a practicing clinical cardiologist

Sumita Palanisamy - COO / Co-Founder

Business strategy and technology lead


Sara Deo - Group Legal Advisor

Chandra Mohan - CMO

Monalisa - Sales & Marketing GM (India)

Gita Laishram - Operations

Michael Segala (Advisor) Data Scientist

Amna Faizan (Consultant) Data Scientist