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    The healthcare IT platform with a focus on predictive and preventive healthcare management.

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    We are a healthcare community focused on improving the quality of life with our innovative healthcare services and solutions.

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    Our commitment is excellence. We deliver quality programs specifically customized to your needs and fulfillment of your wellness goals.

About Us

We are living in a fast-paced era where most of us are already suffering from or are very much prone to various lifestyle-related diseases.

Our Journey

Preventing lifestyle-related diseases by providing predictive analysis and helping each individual to fight the disease before it develops.

Our Mission

At CyGen Healthcare, our main targets are the people with high-stress level and predisposition to lifestyle related diseases.

Our Target

Strengthen our bonds with employees & business partners through fair and equitable dealings as well as timely communication.

Our Values

Core terminologies

Why Choose Us

CyGen is a cloud based, patient-centric, innovative, cognitive preventive healthcare platform.

At CyGen, our focus are people with high-stress level and predisposition to lifestyle related diseases. CyGen have its own healthcare provider team educating families about prevalent lifestyle-related diseases. Simple registration will help customers to subscribe to CyGen’s customized packages that is designed to suit each individuals.

Personalised health profile

Basic health-check medicine reminder, daily health care tips and prediction for common lifestyle related diseases.

CyGen’s Smart Health Care packages

Created for each individual will have preventive solutions.

Smart Partnership Model

Will help to drive patient value, a positive practice culture, financial profitability and business sustainability.

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